Duncan Robinson

Miami Heat’s ‘Duncan Robinson Era’ might come to an end

November 25, 2022

The Miami Heat’s season has yet to start as well as many had anticipated. This year, they have also struggled to maintain their health.

They appear flat, but like many others, it is safe to assume that the early-season difficulties are related to the trade speculations of this past winter. That may be the issue, given that Miami has players like Kevin Durant and Dovan Mitchell on its radar.

It’s realistic to assume that many of the Miami Heat’s current roster believed they would not be present to begin the season. Both sides of the court have seen poor on-court play.

Duncan Robinson is the player who would appreciate a change of scenery the most if Miami were to make a trade.

In Miami, the Robinson era has grown tiresome. His coming-out party took place during his second Miami season. That year, he was impervious to error. He had a 3-point percentage of 44.6.

He also had a strong postseason run in the past, but for whatever reason, Robinson doesn’t possess the same talent today. It’s not appropriate to say that he has lost shooting confidence, but he has been overanalyzing his ability to shoot from three points.

Thus, Miami should seek a trade. Role players in Miami need more “alpha” personalities because Robinson has a more “beta” mentality. I think of Max Strus and Gabe Vincent.

If Robinson can regain his reliable shooting form from three, Miami should consider keeping him. Is there a scenario in which Miami could transfer their terrible contract to another team in exchange for their lousy agreement, even though they will probably not be allowed to move him owing to his deal?

You examine a trade like the one between the Washington Wizards and Dallas Mavericks at the most recent trade deadline. For guard Spencer Dinwiddie and forward Davis Bertans, Dallas sent its former All-Star center Kristaps Porzingis to Washington along with a protected 2022 second-round choice.