Kyrie Irving trade

Mavericks could take a chance on a Kyrie Irving trade with the Nets

November 15, 2022

The Dallas Mavericks have a 7-5 record so far in the 2022–23 regular season. Still, they know things might improve if Luka Doncic receives more dependable contributions from those around him.

After Jalen Brunson’s departure, many observers noted that the team desperately needed a third playmaker to set up teammates besides Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie for shots.

Even though Dinwiddie has had two straight games with at least 30 points, and Doncic is off to a historic start, there is still a demand for another ballhandler to eventually enter the rotation, whether it be a guard or a wing.

Kyrie Irving, the star player for the Brooklyn Nets, might be a trade candidate Dallas should consider.

The divisive presently suspended included nets player on a list of five potential blockbuster deals by Bleacher Report on Monday.

With no draft capital involved in the proposed trade, Dallas acquired Irving from the Nets in return for Dwight Powell and Tim Hardaway Jr.

First off, it might argue that Dallas making a play to acquire Irving at this time would potentially be a terrible decision from an image point of view. The Mavs should be well aware of how difficult it is to restore their team’s reputation, so trading for Irving not necessarily be in the most interest of owner Mark Cuban.

But if we’re only considering basketball-related factors, the Mavericks stand to gain significantly from this potential trade. The decision is not without risk, but the potential payoff may be substantial if it pays out.

Let’s discuss what you are giving up: Dwight Powell and Tim Hardaway Jr. Would the Nets accept that exchange if it involved no picks? Most likely not, but stick with me for the exercise.