Steph Curry made a history

Warriors star Steph Curry is on pace to make NBA history this year

November 14, 2022

One of the sports world’s most elite lists is the 50/40/90 club in the NBA. Only nine players in NBA history accomplished terrific achievement, reserved for individuals who hit at least 40% from outside the arc and 50% from the field, and 90% from the line throughout a season.

Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry became the very first player to ever average 30 PPG throughout a 50/40/90 season in 2016 when he became the first unanimous MVP in the legendary history of the NBA. Curry became the first player to average at least 30 PPG on a 50/40/90 split, while Larry Bird was a close second in 1988 with an average of 29.9 PPG.

Since that historic season was seven seasons ago, Curry has continued to be unstoppable and even improved. Curry is on pace to break his record for most points scored in a 50/40/90 season with an average of 33.3 points per game while shooting 52.6% from the field, 44.0% from long range, and 91.0% from the line.

Curry is on track to reach a level only he has approached, even though it is still very early in the game. Many of the records he is breaking at this stage of his career are his own. Curry is on track to post the most points per game of any 50/40/90 season ever, thanks to a historically strong start to the current campaign. Curry’s season has gotten off to the best possible start, but there is still a lot more basketball left to be executed before the year is out.

Steph Curry will try to maintain his current form on Sunday night when the Warriors play the Sacramento Kings.