HC Spoelstra believes the Miami Heat are improving in many ways

November 11, 2022

The Miami Heat’s 4-7 start was a topic of conversation for coach Erik Spoelstra as the club prepared to play the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday.

He claimed that the Heat’s close losses would only benefit them as the season went on. Spoelstra claimed that his squad has struggled to secure victories despite playing solid basketball.

Spoelstra remarked, “Those are wonderful opportunities for your team to improve. I believe we are playing better basketball. “That’s when you have the most focus, the most context. Everything needs to be done in great detail. You also have to stay the course and realize what’s putting us in a position to have opportunities to win and what’s affecting us.”

“Sometimes losing the last two games, which were essentially final-possession plays, can make it seem like you haven’t made much progress or aren’t progressing. We’re not seeking moral triumphs. That is not what I’m referring to. We’re improving in some areas, and the outcome is what we wanted it to be, but if you keep doing these things and stacking days like this, ultimately, things will go your way.” Spoelstra added.