Myles Turner trade talk

Thunder acquire Pacers’ Myles Turner in a mock trade

November 23, 2022

The Oklahoma City Thunder, now 7-10 and with many impressive victories, have already shown they are on the rise.

Sam Presti, the general manager, is probably looking at the NBA Draft at least once more to enhance the squad, but with little real chance of contending this season. And as a result, OKC’s current approach is to keep relying on the development of young players.

Myles Turner, a center for Indiana, plays a role in that.

Oklahoma City is in desperate need of an interior improvement with a faltering defense that began out blazing. Chet Holmgren, the Number 2 pick in the NBA Draft of 2022, will be in the starting lineup the following season, but he might be more effective as a wandering, shot-blocking power forward. At 6-foot-11, Turner may provide OKC with a very flexible list of lineups to use going along for the foreseeable future.

Turner has long been considered a potential trade target for Indiana, but they never made a move. Probably due to his importance to the company. He’s a terrific asset, scoring 17.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 3.0 blocks every game this season.

However, Indiana will need to jettison some assets if it is sincere about starting over and, more crucially, if it wants to compete for future No. 1 selection Victor Wembanyama.

Although the Pacers prefer one great first pick, two good choices might catch their attention. Suppose they want to consolidate to go forward in drafts, choose reliable players as they did with Andrew Nembhard, or hurl them at other clubs when they’re ready to hit the “Go” button. In that case, they will have more flexibility in the future with several first-round picks added to their collection.