Russell Westbrook trade talk

NBA Report: Russell Westbrook may join the Miami Heat if he is bought out

November 23, 2022

One of the NBA’s worst performers this season has been the Miami Heat. The Los Angeles Lakers are another group that is on that list.

However, the Lakers have recently been performing well, and guard Russell Westbrook has developed into a vital player for the team’s second unit.

Despite Westbrook’s accomplishments, particularly during the team’s most recent winning streak, several speculations continue to circulate in the league, suggesting the Lakers may trade him at some point soon.

The Heat have reportedly been mentioned as a potential landing location in one of these recent stories if Westbrook gets bought out later this season.

According to league rumors, according to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, Westbrook would sign with the Miami Heat if he were to be bought out.

While discussing a potential three-way trade involving the Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, and Detroit Pistons, Pincus had the insight. According to Pincus, if such trade occurred, Westbrook would ultimately be acquired by the Pistons.

A contract buyout wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if the team sent Westbrook to a struggling team like the Pistons. NBA source Chris Mannix predicted it would eventually deal Westbrook earlier this season. He also said that the team he is eventually traded with would probably buy him out.

His second forecast was a lot more unexpected. After a contract buyout, Westbrook might struggle to find a new home in the NBA, according to Mannix.

Because of Gordon Hayward’s contract, Charlotte has been considered a potential trade partner. “Whoever receives Westbrook in a trade, whether it’s Utah or Indiana, they’re not keeping him,” said Mannix. “Utah would waive or send home Russell Westbrook if they acquired him tomorrow. Never would he take the field for the Utah Jazz. Never would he take the court for the Indiana Pacers. The player Russell Westbrook will not be acquired. In addition to getting him, they’re also getting the contract that the other team will pay off after the upcoming season. Russell Westbrook won’t play this season if he doesn’t suit up for the Lakers.”

That occurred earlier in the campaign when Westbrook was having a terrible time. The good news for Westbrook is that he has demonstrated his ability to be an excellent asset to a team’s second unit.

He has started from the bench in all but three of the games this season. He has played as a backup in 11 games, averaging 16.8 points, 8.6 assists, and 5.0 rebounds; He has a decent field goal percentage of 43.6 and a profound field goal of 39.6.

Even if he is no longer the All-Star talent he once was, he has clearly shown that he still belongs in the NBA. His leadership and support have been praised by teammates, which is possibly even more significant.

Would Westbrook fit in well with the Heat? The Heat’s main worries now seem to be frontcourt output and depth. Miami, though, would welcome any assistance given its current record of 7-11 for the season.

If Westbrook joined the Heat, he might even challenge for a spot in the starting lineup. For the former MVP, that is a tempting possibility.