Miami Heat Fans Playfully Tease Celtics’ Robert Williams III in Haslem’s Retirement Post

August 1, 2023

Miami Heat fans have always been known for their playful banter and love for trolling the Boston Celtics and fanbase. On Friday evening, they found a clever way to continue the tradition by using Udonis Haslem’s retirement post to tease Celtics center Robert Williams III.

In the post, a Heat fan highlighted Udonis Haslem’s final regular-season game, during which he scored an impressive 24 points against the Orlando Magic. The fan then humorously compared Haslem’s last performance to Williams’ career-high of 21 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers, playfully emphasizing the difference between the two.

Celtics fans attempted to counter the trolling but found themselves outnumbered in the comment section as passionate Heat fans quickly chimed in to defend their team.

The upcoming season promises to bring even more excitement as the rivalry between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics intensifies. Boston’s addition of center Kristaps Porzingis and the Heat’s potential acquisition of Damian Lillard could set the stage for an intriguing chapter in the historic Eastern Conference rivalry.

With the teams and their fanbases eagerly awaiting the start of the new season, the friendly banter and lighthearted taunting between Heat and Celtics fans will likely continue, adding another layer of excitement to their passionate rivalry.