Russell Westbrook to miami

Heat agent mentioned Westbrook while complimenting Steven Adams’s rebounding success

November 29, 2022

Jimmy Butler’s agent Bernard Lee mentioned Russell Westbrook just as he was praising Memphis Grizzlies center Steven Adams for his accomplishments in the rebounding department.

When the team traded Westbrook to the Houston Rockets in July 2019, the relationship between Adams and Westbrook, teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2013 through 2019, was severed.

Westbrook became one of the most productive players during those six seasons in the NBA. He averaged a triple-double in his final three consecutive seasons with the Thunder.

During the three mentioned seasons, Adams had lower rebounding totals than Westbrook, even though Westbrook is a guard.

The New Orleans Pelicans acquired Adams in November 2020, where he played for one season before being transferred to the Memphis Grizzlies in August 2021. Adams has averaged 10.2 boards per game in his two seasons wearing a Grizzlies uniform, a statistic that drew Lee’s eye.

The criticism directed at Westbrook is the most recent leveled at the veteran guard, whose once-impressive career has suffered since being sent to the Los Angeles Lakers last year.

Some people believed Westbrook’s signing would be crucial to the Lakers’ ability to make another strong postseason run. Instead, the Lakers could not make the playoffs last season due to his inability to quickly form a bond with his new fellow players and major lineup injuries.

The Lakers tried to end their agreement by trading Westbrook even before the 2021–22 season had ended. However, no agreement was reached due to Westbrook’s enormous pay and what some saw as his self-centeredness.

Since the Lakers are still having a difficult season, they would likely wish to get rid of Westbrook. It’s doubtful whether any agreement will be reached before the trade deadline in February.

It doesn’t appear that Adams and the Grizzlies would likely consider signing Westbrook; This is because, in contrast to the Lakers, they are competing for the top playoff spot in the Western Conference.

With a record of 12-8, the Grizzlies are currently third in the conference, and Ja Morant is already a standout guard for the team. As the 2022–23 season progresses, Adams must remain a force on the boards to maintain that success.