Bam Adebayo

Bam scores 32, Herro first career triple-double, Heat beat Atlanta

November 28, 2022

Miami struggled in the first half but went on a 14-2 run in the 3rd quarter and never looked back. They’re getting all the momentum and getting what they want offensively with solid defense and crisp rotation. There are always a lot of good performances in this game that ends in Miami.

Bam Adebayo continued his dominance, backing up a 38-point performance last game with 32 points and eight rebounds on 13/20 shooting.

Adebayo said before the season that he wanted to increase his attempts to around 18, and Heat fans have seen what he can do when he gets there. He has some good shots in his wheelhouse, including dunks, pull-ups, floaters, and runs.

Adebayo has indeed started to leap, averaging 25.5 points and 10.2 rebounds in the last six games, shooting 52% from the field and 87% from the free-throw line.

Tyler Herro also had a historic night, recording his first career triple-double. He didn’t shoot well tonight but still played well for Miami, adding 11 points, 11 rebounds, and ten assists.

The connection between Herro and Bam is accurate, as Herro has made countless beautiful setups for the big man over the past two games. Including some eye-popping alleys.

Caleb Martin again showed he’s ready to make his mark on this team, posting more than 20 points, nine rebounds, and four assists on 8/12 shooting.

Even with Max Strouse back in the starting lineup and Nikola Jovic filling in at the last minute, Martin spent most of his minutes as a small forward. It is an important thing to pay attention to recently.

With all these injuries, it’s given power forwards like Heywood Highsmith time, which leaves Martin free to play as an SF. He seems more comfortable with this positional change, sometimes taking over games on both courts ends.

Highsmith has brought productive minutes to Miami of late. He does all the little things that lead to wins; rebounds, putbacks, deflections, strong individual defense, well-timed passes, and cuts. However, the 3rd year PF went down with an injury late in the game, and hopefully, that won’t keep him out for a long time.

Young and Dejounte Murray, two players worthy of attention from the Eagles, were firmly surrounded by the Heat in this game. Young struggled on 4/16 shooting from the field, while Murray shot 5/16 and scored just 13 points. Some of that struggle has come from Caleb Martin’s suffocating defense, who is adept at defending smaller players with his strength, speed, and length.

Dwayne Dedmon was also great off the bench, shooting timely shots and providing significant presence while giving Adebayo some respite.

Kyle Lowry continued to prove himself as a solid veteran, finishing with nine points and nine assists. Struth helped the Heat stay on track early in the game, hitting three 3-pointers and scoring 16 points in the opening minutes.

Miami is gaining momentum but faces a severe challenge heading to Boston’s next game on Wednesday, where they have played two straight games inside the TD Garden. Jimmy Butler rumors to be back for at least one game with the Boston Celtics. His return will help against Boston’s star power, currently No. 1 in the East.