Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero

A remarkable duo proven by Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero

October 28, 2022

Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner’s connection has been solid despite the Orlando Magic’s offensive struggles in the early going of this season.


In addition to being evident from simply observing them lying on the floor together, the statistics support it.


When Wagner is involved in the play, Banchero’s shooting percentages are significantly higher than his season averages.


After exploding for a career-high 29 points at Cleveland on Wednesday, Bancheron, in his first five games, scored 20 points or more, one of only seven players in NBA history to accomplish this feat. When Wagner passed him, Banchero made nine of his Eighteen shot attempts (50 percent).

According to Second Spectrum tracking data, the 19-year-old is also a perfect 3-of-3 from the field when his shot comes after a Wagner on-ball pick.

The reverse is also true in many ways.

With Banchero’s ball given to him, Wagner, who recorded a season-high 22 points against the Cavaliers, has made 10 of his 19 attempts (52.6 percent). Furthermore, according to Second Spectrum, he has made eight out of thirteen shots when they are made following a Banchero on-ball selection.

It helps that both are incredibly adaptable. They are both natural leaders and share similar objectives.

Banchero is an “imposing (player),” Wagner added. “His poise, talent, and skill set are pretty evident, but he also instills the group with a lot of confidence and excitement. It’s incredible, in my opinion, to have that kind of leadership at such a young age. Our chemistry will get better and better. We want to succeed in our games. We don’t only want to win these games by a small margin.

The Magic, the tallest team in the league according to each player’s official height, rely on Banchero and Wagner’s size and length to complicate opponents’ matchups. It’s remarkable for a team to have two 6-foot-10 players who can handle the ball, make their shots, and direct teammates while defending several positions on the opposing end.

Wagner is equally as taken aback by Banchero as Banchero is by Wagner. According to Banchero, the sky is the limit for the German, who is 21 years old.

According to Banchero, Wagner is a fantastic teammate, athlete, and human. “I believe that we share the same kind of vision for the future of our team and how we envision each other interacting with one another. I think our connection was instantaneous. We are simply developing that chemistry both on and off the court. It’s a project we are engaged in and intend to continue.