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What are the Miami Heat’s best and worst-case scenarios this season?

October 17, 2022

It’s undoubtedly the nicest time of year, with fall offering optimism for a breather from the average humid South Florida days, Halloween decorations being dusted off, and plans for the forthcoming holidays being made. Did I ever mention that the NBA regular season is just around the corner, and the games will begin to matter (adding additional must-see sports to an already busy TV schedule)?

There’s that, too, and if the Miami Heat’s impressive preseason performance is any indication, it might continue when they host the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, October 19, starting the following week. This adds some necessary intrigue in place of excitement over the same roster returning from last season.

Let’s start this discussion as we wait for Wednesday night and see what each site thinks of their team’s prospects of greatness (whether that means winning it all or winning the NBA lottery is subject to interpretation)!


What is your team’s “Best Case” scenario for this season?

In the playoffs, Jimmy Butler acts like Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro excels as a starter, Bam Adebayo develops his offensive repertoire, and Kyle Lowry returns to championship form (or as near to it as is humanly possible). Oh, and in the best-case scenario, Duncan Robinson would regain his confidence, and anybody would come up to take over as the starting power forward for good. There’s a fair possibility the Heat can repeat (or perhaps top?) their accomplishments from the previous season, especially if there is a welcome respite from injuries and team absences.


What is the worst-case scenario that might happen to your team this year?

Momentum might be derailed by accidents, COVID, or other acceptable team absences. The squad could appear strong on paper and have a positive preseason, but Pat Riley and the front staff may still be powerless to improve the roster as the season progresses and the club’s flaws become apparent. While the Heat remained steadfast, other East clubs made offseason moves. Will they regret making that choice in the future?


What is the “Most Likely” scenario for your team this year?

This season, specific teams will tank, um, struggle, and the Heat must seize the opportunity and secure victories when they can. Suppose they can maintain a reasonable fitness level, and one or more of their young players can contribute valuable minutes off the bench. In that case, they should receive the top half of the seedings and guarantee home-court advantage throughout one or maybe even two rounds of the playoffs.


What are you looking ahead to the most this season?

How would Victor Oladipo appear following an entire summer where he can improve his game with the Heat coaching staff while staying healthy? Late in the previous season and even throughout the playoffs, he occasionally appeared excellent. He may be Miami’s x-factor supreme.


Predict your team’s season win-loss record.


Predict the conference seeding for your team.

Number 3 in the East

Roster Updates

No. 27 overall selection Nikola Jovic, forward Jamal Cain, and guard Dru Smith have two-way contracts.

Team losses

John Tucker (signed with the Philadelphia 76ers as a free agent)

Team record from the previous year


Conference standing from the previous season

Won the NBA Eastern Conference title.

Offensive and Defensive ratings from the previous season

Offensive: 113.7 (10th of 30)

Defensive: 109.1 (5th of 30)


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