Miami Heat player Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro Will Shock The NBA World

September 6, 2022

Will Miami Heat make waves in the 2022-2023 NBA season? What is Tyler Herro situation? They seem hungry to make a serious run at the championship. Their offseason was full of trade speculations. Still, nothing significant actually occurred. While The Heat still has the option to make a trade, it appears they are more than satisfied with their current roster. 

The Heat’s regular season performance in 2021-2022 was excellent across the board, but now, they’re fighting for impact as the Boston Celtics were a force to be reckoned with in the postseason. Miami was sidelined during the playoffs by many significant injuries.

The Heat requires another elite player to assist Jimmy Butler in leading the team. Kyle Lowry is not a player that will score 20 points per game on average, but he is still an effective point guard. It is important to emphasize his role as a facilitator for the Heat. Bam Adebayo is an essential big man who will play a significant role offensively and defensively for the team.

The Heat need another player to come up and help them offensively, and arguably that player could be anyone. The Heat’s bench features a good amount of players that prioritize defense. However, the reality of the situation is that Tyler Herro will serve as the Heat’s X-Factor for the 2022-2023 NBA season.

Tyler Herro Will Shock The NBA World

It is well knowledge that Tyler Herro is a talented player. He spent one season playing basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats, a Division I collegiate basketball team. During his three seasons with the Heat, he has twice guided the team to the NBA Finals as well as the respective conference finals. He was awarded the title of 6th Man of the Year last season and is a productive scorer. He has also become one of the league’s most popular players. But Tyler Herro may have an even better year in terms of his performance this coming season.

The point guard for the Heat has expressed his want to start for Miami. And if it turns out that he’s going to start, Herro will experience a significant spike in his stats. He began by reiterating his wish to get into Miami’s starting lineup and then moved on to articulating an even loftier objective for himself. 

Tyler Herro stated that he’s trying to be a starter in this league and then be an All-Star one day; that is his next step.

The current Sixth Man of the Year winner has consistently improved his game over his three seasons in the league. Herro had 13.5 points per game as a rookie, 15 points per game as a sophomore, and 20.7 points per game as a junior, and he is coming off a senior season in which he averaged 20.7 points per match. Herro had a shooting percentage of 40 percent from outside the arc and a field goal percentage of 45 percent. He was, without a doubt, a significant asset to the league during the entirety of the season.

However, he has far greater aspirations. Herro is preparing one day to become a regular starter in the NBA and an All-Star in the league. He is already a well-known figure in society and is a marketable personality. When the reporters ask him about the possibility of being one of the faces of the NBA, he doesn’t act arrogant at all.

It is possible that playing alongside Jimmy Butler will lead to both players being part of a dynamic combo for the Heat. In the past, Butler has demonstrated selflessness and could be willing to provide Herro with some assistance.

A Herro From The Depth Of The Heat

Last year, Tyler Herro’s three-point percentage was 39.9 percent, with 6.7 three-pointers per game. Undoubtedly, he’ll attempt more three-pointers in the 2022-2023 season. However, even if The Heat’s three-point shooting percentage drops due to the increased volume of shots overall, they will still end up with more baskets.

Herro will have a successful performance from beyond the arc, although his % from the three-point range may drop. During his three years as a skilled player, he has never had a season in which his three-point shooting percentage was lower than 36 percent.

Herro and Butler

As was noted before, Herro could benefit from playing more frequently alongside Jimmy Butler, also known as “Jimmy G. Buckets.” 

Butler has been chosen to the NBA All-Star team six times. He has also been named to the All-NBA Team four times and the NBA All-Defensive Team five times. Additionally, he is an Olympic gold medallist, having earned the medal in 2016. Two of Butler’s primary strengths are driving the ball into the paint and pulling up from mid-range. 

The playing styles of Herro and Butler are not likely to compete with one another when they play together, but they can be advantageous. If the opponent doubles down on Butler while he’s driving the ball, he has the option of passing the ball to Tyler Herro for a three-point shot.

Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler complement one another nicely when working together. They are similar to the duo of DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine, both members of the Chicago Bulls, in several different aspects. Both Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler contributing to the starting lineup at the same time will be beneficial to the Heat.

Herro In His Prime

Just 22 years of age, Tyler Herro is a young man. As a player, he is still maturing and has not yet reached his peak performance. The rising star of the Heat is only just starting in his prime right now.

During the 2022-2023 NBA season, Herro may surprise the rest of the league and establish himself as a bona fide superstar with the Miami Heat. He’ll no doubt shake up the 2022-23 NBA Season and be the man to watch.


Tyler Herro Profile
Known also as: Boy Wonder, Bucket, Baby GOAT
Born: January 20, 2000
Position: Shooting Guard
Shoots: Right
Recruiting Rank: 2018 (35)
Draft: Miami Heat, 1st round (13th pick, 13th overall), 2019 NBA Draft

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