Washington Wizards expressed interest in Suns forward Jae Crowder

December 2, 2022

November has passed; it’s December, so don’t look now! Teams must go through a feeling-out process at the very beginning of the NBA season. They observe the players throughout training camp to determine whether what they did there can be repeated in the first few games of the season.

After that time has passed, teams keep an eye on each of their players, with their two-way players receiving special attention. With Jordan Goodwin, the Wizards have stumbled upon a treasure. Whether a player is a two-way player or is well down the depth chart, all teams are beginning to analyze them. They aspire to perform well and contribute significantly to their team.

After then, most teams will start keeping an eye on various circumstances that are developing on rival teams and franchises. After former HC Steve Nash was dismissed from his coaching duties, several believed Kevin Durant would intensify his demands for a trade. We all likely thought that the Brooklyn Nets’ final chapter had just begun. The Nets, though, have given Brooklyn reason to believe.

After December 15th, when most players become tradeable, most teams will start making deals. One situation has remained unsettled since the season’s beginning. Phoenix’s Jae Crowder has asked the Suns for a trade. However, GM James Jones has yet to locate a trading partner successfully.

Jae Crowder is a trade target for the Washington Wizards. What a trade for Jae Crowder will entail is yet unknown. We know that Jae Crowder is reaching the final year of his ten-million-dollar contract and can sign with any team next summer without restriction. Jae Crowder would be an excellent addition to the Washington Wizards because he offers two things that every NBA club need and wants: defense and three-point shooting.