Untouchable: Miami Heat Sets Clear Boundaries in Potential Damian Lillard Trade with Portland

July 13, 2023

The potential trade of Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Miami Heat has been a hot topic in the NBA rumor mill. As Lillard expressed his desire to join the Heat, speculation about the trade package and possible involvement of a third team has been rampant. 

However, the Miami Heat has clarified that certain players are considered untouchable in any potential trade involving Lillard. 

Miami Heat, known for their intelligent front office and careful player evaluations, have established their untouchable players in a potential Damian Lillard trade. 

The two prominent names on the unattainable list are center Bam Adebayo and forward Jimmy Butler. Adebayo and Butler are vital to the Heat’s success and are considered the team’s core. The Heat swiftly dismissed any possibility of trading Adebayo, even prompting a laugh when his name was mentioned in trade talks.

On the other hand, the Trail Blazers have released their requirements for a potential Lillard trade. It is reported that they are seeking four first-round picks and two quality players in return. While the definition of “quality players” may vary, one player who might intrigue Portland is Bam Adebayo. However, the Heat’s unwavering stance on keeping Adebayo off-limits has made it clear that acquiring him would be an uphill battle for the Trail Blazers.

With Adebayo and Butler off the table, the Miami Heat could still offer players like Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, among others, in a potential trade. These players have been subject to trade rumors, and their inclusion could provide Portland with a younger talent pool. However, if the Trail Blazers are unsatisfied with the available options, they can explore trades with other teams to maximize their return.

The Miami Heat’s refusal to part ways with their core players and the Trail Blazers’ requirements could complicate the Lillard trade saga. If Portland is not interested in the players the Heat offers, they could negotiate with other teams to secure a more favorable return. 

This scenario could prolong the trade discussions and increase the likelihood of a complex three-team trade or additional trade partners.