Thompson foules Huerte

NBA admitted Thompson fouled Huerter at the end of the Kings-Warriors game

November 9, 2022

Kevin Huerter would have been called to the line, but a controversial no-call allowing him to tie the game with three free throws brought the Sacramento vs. Golden State game to an explosive conclusion. After much discussion about the play during the game, the NBA acknowledged that Klay Thompson fouled Huerter on the shot attempt and that the Kings guard should have been given three free throws in their last two minutes report.

Unquestionably, the referees blew this call badly because if they had made it, the Kings might have had a chance to win in OT. The officials missed a crucial call that could have altered the outcome of a thrilling game that came down to the final possession.

The Kings need every game they can get in order to make the playoffs in a crowded Western Conference, especially when playing likely playoff contenders like the Warriors. This missed call hurts the Kings and their supporters a lot.

Steph Curry’s 47-point outburst was necessary for the Warriors to fend off Sacramento, which is maybe caused concern given that Golden State is expected to be much superior to its opponents in the Pacific Division. Having said that, Golden State desperately needed this victory, and their MVP came through mightily. The Warriors were able to win with some assistance from the officials late in the game.