Miami Heat scores key win over Knicks in NBA Play-In Conference

March 23, 2023

The Miami Heat have a chance to come out and take care of business on Wednesday night as they look to climb further up the standings in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. While there are certain games where you can’t tell if the Miami Heat are aware of the situation, that wasn’t the case Wednesday night.

Although the Knicks will step up and directly over the Miami Heat, Miami will also quickly establish itself on the offensive end. Getting off to a hot start from the three-point line, the Knicks retreated quickly, even with quick long passes.

And that hot shot will help them go all the way throughout the game, with big Shots, a fair amount of them coming from Gabe Vincent early on. He would go 3-5 on three-pointers and 8-12 overall with 19 points.

Of course, he won’t be alone, as Jimmy Butler and the rest of his teammates will also go a long way in helping Miami win this award. With the game starting to hang in the balance despite going into the fourth quarter, the Knicks would try to tie the game.

At that point, a guy who’s been a fourth-quarter regular on the Miami Heat will step up. With only 8 points in the first three periods of the game, Miami Heat No. 14 Tyler Herro will do everything to help the Heat win, and tonight scored 14 points in the fourth quarter alone.

Propelling the Miami Heat to score some huge shots, including two huge 3-pointers, one from his favorite Key corner and the other from the top of Key defense Julius Randle, the Miami Heat’s young star, will continue his excellent fourth quarter.

From a postgame standpoint, the Miami Heat managed to climb the numbers even though the Brooklyn Nets were atop the standings, but with the Nets currently playing two games less than the Miami Heat, So actually still behind them.

The Nets face the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday, and after being beaten by the same Cleveland team in their last match, they may take a step back on their own after this game. If that weren’t enough, the Miami Heat would have their chance to deal with it as they face the Nets on Sunday.