Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro said he feels like an All-Star caliber player

February 2, 2023

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro signed a significant contract extension with the organization this offseason and appears to be a key part of the franchise’s future.

He’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and he recently declared that he believes he’s an All-Star candidate.

“No disappointment,” he answered when asked if he would be sad if not nominated to the All-Star Game. “I feel like an All-Star caliber player. However, there are many good guards in the East. We have a lot of good players. I’m still in my early twenties and still learning. At some point, I’ll be an All-Star. So I’m not concerned.”

Herro is still having a strong season overall, but some of his stats are down from the previous year. He is averaging 20.2 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game while shooting 43.7 percent from the field and 37.2 percent from the 3-point range.

That unquestionably diminishes his prospects of making it to the midseason classic. Additionally, the Eastern Conference has many players who have had more successful seasons.

The University of Kentucky product deserves to be an All-Star, despite what has been said above. He has given the Heat a ton of offensive firepower. He has even hit a few game-winning jumpers against the Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Herro is most likely more concerned with advancing the Heat’s ranking in the Eastern Conference. Miami has a record of 7-3 over its previous ten games and is closing down on the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are currently in fifth place in the East.

Miami hopes to atone for its mistakes from the previous campaign when it won the East’s top seed and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals before falling to the Boston Celtics in a seven-game series.

If the Heat wants to be genuine contenders, they still have a few wrinkles to iron out, but they’re headed in that direction. The Heat’s postseason run will depend heavily on the No. 13 overall choice from the 2019 NBA Draft, who will undoubtedly be motivated to outperform his 2022 playoff performance.