LeBron James Creates Christmas Day History Despite Loss to Mavs

December 26, 2022

The Lakers’ third-quarter struggles were not solved, and as a result, they lost to the Mavericks 124-115 after allowing them to score 51 points in the period.

They couldn’t hold up against the Mavs in the paint for the entire 48 minutes, which resulted in their fourth loss without Anthony Davis. Christian Wood of Dallas presented difficulties for Los Angeles. He scored 30 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, and two blocks and scored 9 for 10 in the paint.

However, LeBron James was attempting a Christmas miracle today.

LeBron has participated in most games on Christmas Day.

The King played his seventeenth game on Christmas Day without mercy. Along with six rebounds and five assists, he scored 38 points. His seventh straight game with 30 points was this one.

He played 34 minutes, but the Mavericks took advantage of his 14 minutes off the court.

While Bron was on the bench, Russell Westbrook and Austin Reaves tried to soften the blows with their combined 17 points, five rebounds, and four assists, but the Lakers needed more.

Their five-game road trip had just begun. The team will travel to the East in two days to take on Orlando.