Pat Riley tell about kyle lowry

Kyle Lowry of the Miami Heat accepts the conditioning challenge of Pat Riley

September 28, 2022

After last season, Miami Heat team president Pat Riley spoke to the media and revealed several things about their struggles.

Among them was guard Kyle Lowry’s conditioning. On Monday, Lowry said he doesn’t need external motivation to get in better shape.

“I didn’t even hear the comments,” Lowry said. “Someone else told me about them.”

Lowry posted several videos of his workout on social media during the offseason. He said he feels he is in better shape this season.

“Whatever,” Lowry said. “Honestly, he has an opinion. Right? Everyone has their own opinion, which doesn’t do anything for me. I only motivate myself, and I always motivate myself.”

The Heat opened training camp Tuesday in the Bahamas. This is Lowry’s second year directing the offense.

“I spent my summer doing what I usually do every summer,” Lowry said. “I won’t change what I do. I go out there, create my environment, then come back and do my job at the highest level.”