Jaylen Brown to Miami Durant to Boston are possible

August 19, 2022

Kevin Durant is still struggling to leave the Brooklyn Nets a month and a half after he first made a trade request to the team. After three years with the team, KD grew increasingly dissatisfied with the way Barclays Arena was handled and wanted to find a new challenge in the league.

The Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers are thought to be potential landing spots for the 2-time NBA champion, but it’s uncertain. Still, the two appear to be Durant’s favorites, but they’re not the only ones involved in player transfers.

In a way, the Miami Heat will benefit from this move, according to Adam Borai of Bleacher Report. They’ve been linked with Durant recently, but now they can use Durant to get a star who can take their game to the next level. Bole wrote that Durant could move between the Celtics and Nets, and the Heat could sign Jaylen Brown.

(If KD is in Boston, I’d be watching MIA trying to get involved in a trade to try and catch Jaylen Brown.

According to sources, Brown became a FA player within 2 years and has loyal fans among some of the top Heat officials. He was so popular that some even preferred him to Mitchell.)

It would be easier for Brooklyn to keep Brown, but Bole explained why the Nets would take that approach instead of losing Jaylen after he became a free agent.

(Jaylen became an FA in 2 years. While he’s by far the best player the Nets have been able to negotiate, there’s a lot of risk in trading KD for someone who will soon leave. Select > Player may be moving)

It’s a very interesting option for both Miami and Brooklyn, but it’s not certain yet. Durant’s saga isn’t over yet, and perhaps an unexpected team lures him away from the Nets and derails Miami’s plans. This may add more drama to the situation, but time will tell how this all plays out for everyone involved.