Heat’s forward, Caleb Martin, has served The Role of Utility Player All Season

April 26, 2023

Caleb Martin, a forward for the Miami Heat, didn’t mind being a small part of the win. 


On Monday, he did the little things against the Milwaukee Bucks when Jimmy Butler scored 56 points. 


Still, Martin’s 12 points, 10 of which came in the fourth quarter, were just as important, and the Heat will probably need another if they want to win the game. Wednesday in Milwaukee in Game 5. 


“It was pretty big for me to be able to come in and make good shots when I needed to,” Martin said. “I just felt at ease during those times. That’s because of how well we’ve played all year. When games were close, and we were in these situations, I thought we were in good shape.


Martin has found ways to influence games despite constantly changing his position. He started the season as the starting power forward, which was the wrong spot for him. When the Heat brought Kevin Love, Martin returned to small forward as a backup player.  


Martin didn’t move at all when the people kept moving around. 


“You can’t say enough good things about him,” said the Heat’s coach Erik Spoelstra. “You know, he’s been ready to sacrifice and do whatever we thought was best for the team this season. I’m unsure if he thought that was the best thing for the team. But you need men ready to make sacrifices, take charge, and shine in a role. He’s one of those guys but also a great fighter.”