Heat have suffered three disappointing losses to struggling teams

December 12, 2022

When beating the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Clippers, the Miami Heat performed like champions.

Then, in defeats to the San Antonio Spurs, the Detroit Pistons, and the Washington Wizards, they played like a bunch of losers. The Heat wants to stop losing to the NBA’s bottom feeders as soon as possible.

Jimmy Butler said, “At the end of every day, we need to be us, whether home or away, no matter what the opposing team’s record is, no matter who we’re playing.

The worst part for the Heat is that the defeats frequently come after gaining momentum. They lost to the Wizards in mid-November after their three-game losing streak against the Toronto Raptors was broken.

Three weeks later, they defeated the Celtics before falling to the Memphis Grizzlies. Despite playing most of the games without their starting lineup, the Grizzlies have a winning record.

Last week is another example.

The worst teams in their respective conferences, the Spurs and Pistons, defeated the Heat in a five-day span.

Guard Tyler Herro said, “As a team used to take care of business, it’s tough.” “It hurts going into games like tonight, which we should win, especially at home. Winning is more complex. All you can do is get through it. You must pass through it.; you cannot circumnavigate it. No matter who we are against, we should play as we do. We compete on the same level as our adversaries. “

The Heat will have the chance to prove they can defeat the league’s weaker opponents. The Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Chicago Bulls, and Spurs are their next opponents after Monday’s contest with the Indiana Pacers.

The secret is to take control early on.

The professional teams, according to guard Kyle Lowry. “We’re not going to go out there and blow them away. Once they find their rhythm and confidence, they keep moving forward. Once they get going, turning off the water is somewhat trick.”