Former Miami Heat guard Norris Cole mentors younger G League players

January 16, 2023

Norris Cole, a former Miami Heat guard who has spent the last few years playing overseas, is competing in the G League to make a comeback in the NBA.

Cole participated in three of the Heat’s four NBA Finals appearances between 2010 and 2014, helping the team win two titles. Additionally, he spent a brief time with the Pelicans and the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the G League, Cole, a veteran player, offers advice to more inexperienced players.

The most recent episode of “The Break presented by the General,” which airs in January, includes a segment on Cole’s involvement in the G League. Inside the Heat spoke with Cole about this. 17, to talk about his suggestions for the upcoming group of athletes hoping to break into the NBA.

Cole exclaimed, “I’ve learned a lot. I was fortunate to play alongside many seasoned professionals, a Hall of Fame coach, and a fantastic college coach. Being a role model is the best part. I was on time, watched movies always had the right body, and was proactive. The second component is in-game scenarios: letting the young men follow their instincts while giving them something to consider afterward. I don’t want to give a man specific instruction. I try to provide him with food for thought by demonstrating previously successful strategies. They will therefore have a backup plan the next time they find themselves in those circumstances.”

According to Cole, his continued participation as an older player makes him a great teammate and mentor.

A senior player conversing with younger players is one thing, Cole said. “It’s another when a seasoned player still capable of playing is there with them in the locker room daily. That makes a big difference, and my teammates tell me as much. Having a player who can still play and teach them the ropes is much better than having an older man give them instructions. That, in my opinion, is one asset I can contribute to an NBA franchise.”