Butler talked about how few of the team’s games are broadcast nationally

December 21, 2022

Although Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat have received very little national attention this season, they are currently on a four-game winning streak. However, only some people outside of South Florida may be aware of this.

Butler recently talked about how few of the team’s games are broadcast nationally.

Butler claimed that “the Miami Heat’s presence in the NBA doesn’t rock my world.” We at least get to play somewhere. Nothing at all, not even TV games. “.

There is no question that Butler has a point when discussing the absence of nationally televised games. Butler and the Heat frequently use rude gestures as motivation to disprove doubters.

The only game the Heat played on national television this season—outside of those on NBA TV, which are banned in local markets and subject to change—was an Oct. 21 contest with the Boston Celtics.

The Heat was defeated 111-104 in that match.

The Heat’s following nationally televised contest will not be on NBA TV in January. Four away games against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Butler probably isn’t bothered that there haven’t been many Heat games on national television this season. He must be primarily concerned with what he can do to help the Heat gain ground in the Eastern Conference.

The Heat is finally playing reliable, successful basketball after a rocky first couple months of the season. They have won all four of their most recent contests. Three different Heat players have led the team in scoring over those four games, which makes the situation more encouraging.

Butler led the team in scoring 26 points as Miami defeated the San Antonio Spurs 111-101. Tyler Herro was the player to watch, with 41 and 35 points in the two previous victories. With 22 points in a win over the Indiana Pacers, Bam Adebayo led the team in the first match of the winning streak. With 17 boards, he also had the most for the group in that contest.

Heat is now just 1.5 games away from qualifying for the play-in tournament and is above .500 at 16-15 due to their last four games.

Even though very few people outside of South Florida have been able to watch the Heat play, it’s great to see them adopt a winning basketball strategy.