Jimmy Butler dreadlocks

After Jimmy Butler’s Dreadlock Hairstyle removes, the NBA Fans React: “Looks a lot better now, haha.”

October 6, 2022

Jimmy Butler has evolved into the Miami Heat organization’s heart and soul. Butler has guided the club to the NBA Finals once in the three seasons since he joined them in 2019, and he came incredibly close to doing it again this past season until the Celtics defeated them in the Conference Finals in seven games.


Miami made an excellent choice in trading for Butler, despite the rumored baggage he is said to carry, and they will be expecting to gain from it going forward. He had problems in past pit stops like Minnesota and Philadelphia because of the baggage we described previously, but he has blended nicely with the Heat culture.


After Jimmy Butler cut off his dreadlocks, NBA fans reacted.


However, Butler did generate some headlines last summer when he debuted a new, odd hairdo and quipped that he did it only to enrage the internet. Butler wouldn’t say if he would preserve that appearance, but it appears that he has decided against it.


NBA supporters rejoiced to see Butler revert to his previous appearance.


“He removed those extensions at last.”

“thank God, he’s back to normal.

“At last, they were so hideous.”

“Thank you,”

“Looks like a young dude with good manners.”

“He heard the defamation.”

“Pat Riley warned him that if he doesn’t fix it, he would be traded,”

“Jimmy Foxx Butler stood out as a unique breed.”

“Giving us the side look since he knows he was wrong to perform that trick,”

“He, at last, realized what we had seen.”

“Better cutting by Trees”

It’s about darn time.

“Huge W”

“This dude was coerced into doing it via Twitter, smh.”

“He quickly chopped that off!”

“Looks a lot better now, haha.”

“Has the humiliation ritual ended?”

“You’re welcome, Jimmy.”

“He became tired of the jokes.”


The attention can now finally move to what matters, which is basketball. I think it is safe to say that everyone likes this style for Butler over those dreads, which didn’t look fantastic.


Expectations are high in Miami ahead of the 2022–23 season, as they usually are, and the supporters hope for another strong postseason run. All of the key players from the previous season have been returned, although PJ Tucker is no longer there, which is a significant loss. They also failed to pull off a major deal for Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell, so players like Tyler Herro, who recently signed an important extension, and Kyle Lowry will need to step up and lighten Buttler’s load.