duncan robinson trade talk

Phoenix Suns, turned down a trade proposal for Heat shooter Duncan Robinson

October 25, 2022

Although the Miami Heat’s interest in acquiring veteran forward Jae Crowder is already old news, a new report provides an update on the matter.

Crowder’s current team, the Phoenix Suns, reportedly turned down a trade proposal containing Heat shooter Duncan Robinson.

According to a source, “They’ve looked to see what’s there for Duncan Robinson, but there is not much of a market until you have a team prepared to play him for a year and attempt to flip his deal next summer. Phoenix sought to get Jae Crowder, but Phoenix wanted Robinson instead.

According to a story from earlier this month, the Suns want a rotation player rather than only long-term assets in return for Crowder. Robinson undoubtedly meets that criteria, but the Suns’ lack of interest in him are probably due to concerns about how much he can offer to a successful team.

Robinson’s average points scored per game, and his three-point shooting % decreased from the previous season. He shot from a distance of 42.7 percent on average throughout the 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons but only 37.2 percent last year.

That’s cause for concern for a player whose scoring points on the court almost entirely depends on his ability to hit threes.

In light of this, early signs from the 2022–23 season seem to indicate that he has recovered from his stroke. In the tiny sample size of the current season, he is now hitting 50.0 percent of his long shots.

It seems that opposition teams will start to take an increased interest in him if he can keep shooting at that rate.

As for Crowder, the Suns are trying to move him away; thus, he is not currently playing for the team.

The Heat have a 1-2 season record after three games. They defeated the Boston Celtics on Friday after losing to the Chicago Bulls in their season opener.

The next day, they did manage to record their first victory, a much-needed triumph over the Toronto Raptors.

On Monday night, they will play the Raptors again before beginning the first part of a three-game road trip through the Western Conference in Portland.

The Sixers’ first win of the season under Harden and Embiid