NBA LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors Game 6

May 12, 2023

LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

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Golden State Warriors
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The Warriors were under tremendous pressure to perform and came out on top last night in Game 5 at home against the Lakers. The Warriors have already earned the right to play another day in the playoffs, and now they have to win their next road game tomorrow night to stay alive. They have proven themselves in this situation many times before. Time will tell, but fans have to be optimistic about their chances. Let’s hope they stay within reach, especially with some questions surrounding Anthony Davis’ ability to play in Game 6 after taking a blow to the head in last night’s game. Expect Stephen Curry to put the team on his back again and lead them into a big fight against the Lakers tomorrow. Expect the Warriors to perform well, take a surprise win, or hold the score until the final whistle.

The Lakers’ Anthony Davis suffered a head injury last match in Game 5 that the team has not officially classified as a concussion. That’s important because if Davis is diagnosed with a concussion, he won’t be able to continue playing until cleared by the team doctor. And Davis didn’t even have to wait until 24 hours after the injury to start being checked by the team doctor, which was late. Fans and teammates held their breath, hoping to continue hearing good news about Davis’ injury. His availability will significantly impact a Lakers team that sees him as the team’s second-best player and a key leader. As the Lakers keep tabs on the situation, they will prepare to play Game 6 and need to find ways to slow Curry down on the defensive end.

The two teams have another chance to shine in Game 6 tomorrow. The Warriors expected to do well to extend the series and start preparing for Game 7. However, based on how the Lakers have played in this series, especially Game 4, the Warriors will have a challenge ahead of them regarding winning.

Given the close games in this series, we’ll likely see another close game, similar to Game 5, in the final minutes. Instead of focusing on picking a winner on the win-loss line, it seems possible for the Warriors to win in Game 6.


Team Comparison
LA Lakers 43 39 .524 23-18 20-21 16-14 27-25 6-10 117.2 116.6 Won 2
Golden State Warriors 44 38 .537 33-8 11-30 14-16 30-22 7-9 118.9 117.1 Won 3


Offensive Stats
LA Lakers 117.2 45.7 25.3 6.41 4.61 48.18 77.50 34.60
Golden State Warriors 118.9 44.6 29.8 7.17 3.95 47.86 79.40 38.50