Dwyane Wade’s Emotional Tribute to Allen Iverson Steals the Show at Hall of Fame

August 17, 2023

During the 2023 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ceremony, Dwyane Wade delivered a profoundly moving speech that resonated with the audience. Amidst his heartfelt address, Wade took a moment to direct his words toward Allen Iverson, evoking a touching connection between the two basketball legends.

In his speech, Wade expressed how Iverson significantly influenced his journey in the world of basketball. He revealed that Iverson, at 48 years old, played a pivotal role in inspiring Wade’s choices on the court, including his iconic arm sleeve and the adoption of the No. 3 jersey.

“Heroes aren’t always flawless; instead, they possess a relatable quality that makes them tangible and authentic,” Wade shared emotionally.

He spoke about Iverson’s impact and continued, “Whenever Allen Iverson is mentioned, this is precisely what people convey. You brought hope to those who grew up facing limited opportunities. Your example demonstrated that achievement and excellence can be reached even in adversity. Your struggles served to magnify the significance of your accomplishments. A.I., your existence is a living testament that redemption and personal growth are attainable.”

Wade also disclosed the symbolic reason behind his choice to don the No. 3 jersey throughout his college and NBA career. “Wearing the No. 3 was my way of respectfully displaying the admiration and esteem I hold for Allen Iverson,” Wade acknowledged with sincerity.

In a heartwarming display of their bond, Iverson was honored to present Wade during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Iverson made a striking appearance in a tailored suit that bore Wade’s No. 3 on its back.

The exchange between these two legendary shooting guards was a poignant moment, exemplifying the profound impact they’ve had on the NBA. As Wade’s speech unfolded, the crowd was moved to resounding applause, underscoring the depth of sentiment and respect that marked this occasion.