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Michael Richardson, born on September 15, 1993, in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a professional American basketball player known for his versatility as a shooting guard and small forward in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His journey through various NBA franchises has made him a well-known figure in the league, and as of the latest update, he is currently a part of the New Orleans Pelicans.


Josh Richardson Early Life and career

Josh Richardson is the second child in his family, with an older sister named Alex Richardson, who is five years his senior. Josh was initially interested in football in a Christian family with deep religious beliefs. However, his sister’s involvement in basketball eventually led him to the sport. His father, Michael Richardson, was a firefighter, and his mother, Alice Richardson, served as a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves.


Richardson’s journey in basketball began at Santa Fe High School, where he honed his skills. During his senior year, he averaged 16.5 points and 6.2 rebounds. Following high school, he pursued higher education at the University of Tennessee, where he played college basketball for the Tennessee Volunteers from 2011 to 2015. During his college career, he averaged 9.2 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.8 assists.

Professional career

Chalon-Sur-Saône (2002–2003)

Haslem was undrafted in the NBA draft 2002, largely because of his short stature. He was just 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters) tall in NBA pre-draft training camp. He accepted an invitation to join the Atlanta Hawks’ training camp and made a roster for Shaw’s pro summer league. Haslem was waived by the Hawks before the start of the 2002-03 NBA season.

Haslem signs with France’s LNB Pro A’s Chalon-Sur-Saône. Haslem arrived in France weighing nearly 300 pounds (140 kilograms). During his time in France, he lost 50 pounds (23 kg) in eight months. [14] Haslem averaged 9.4 rebounds and 16.1 points in one season with the team.

NBA Journey

Josh Richardson’s NBA career commenced with the 2015 NBA Draft when he was selected as the 40th overall pick by the Miami Heat. Before officially joining the Heat, he showcased his talent in 10 summer league games, averaging 11.8 points per game. His NBA debut came after missing the season’s first four games, as he played against the Minnesota Timberwolves on November 5, starting as a shooting guard. He was again in the starting lineup in his third NBA game on November 12.

Notably, Josh Richardson received the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month award on April 5, making him only the third player in the Heat’s history to win the monthly rookie award. He continued to develop his skills with the Heat and signed a four-year, $42 million contract extension.

After his successful stint with the Heat, Josh Richardson moved on to the Philadelphia 76ers in 2019 as part of a package trade for Jimmy Butler. In 2020, he joined the Dallas Mavericks but faced challenges in the playoffs, with a significant drop in his point production. On July 31, 2021, he was traded to the Boston Celtics.

The next phase of his career saw him briefly join the San Antonio Spurs on February 10, 2022, as part of a trade involving Romeo Langford. However, he didn’t stay with the Spurs for long, as he eventually landed with the New Orleans Pelicans on February 9, 2023, in exchange for Devonte Graham.

Championship Pursuit

Despite his impressive career in high school, college, and the NBA, Josh Richardson has yet to achieve the title of NBA champion. He continues to strive for success and work towards realizing this goal.

Awards and Achievements

Throughout his professional basketball career, Josh Richardson has earned numerous awards, honors, and accolades, highlighting his dedication and skill on the court. Notable achievements include:

  • First-Team All-SEC in 2015
  • Two-time SEC All-Defensive Team selection in 2014 and 2015

Net Worth

Josh Richardson’s NBA career has been financially rewarding, with an estimated net worth of approximately $8 million. His primary income source is professional contracts with NBA franchises and endorsements.

Personal life

Josh Richardson hails from a family that values simplicity, hard work, and respect for life. His father, Michael Richardson, who worked as a firefighter, instilled these values in him from a young age. Additionally, Josh is in a relationship with Amber Sade Rock, a dancer and model known for her association with the Miami Heat Dance Team. Their relationship began when Josh played for the Miami Heat, and they publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2019.

Josh Richardson’s Shoe Game

Josh Richardson has been spotted wearing various shoes on the basketball court, including LeBrons, PGs, Reebok Question Mids, Kyries, and Air Jordan 36s, reflecting his diverse footwear preferences.


  • Is Josh Richardson an NBA champion?
  • No, Josh Richardson has yet to win an NBA championship despite his successful career in the league.
  • How tall is Josh Richardson?
    • Josh Richardson stands 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters) in height.
  • Who is Josh Richardson’s girlfriend?
    • Josh Richardson is in a relationship with Amber Sade Rock, a dancer and model associated with the Miami Heat Dance Team. They have been dating since his time with the Miami Heat.
  • Which college did Josh Richardson attend?
    • Josh Richardson attended the University of Tennessee, where he played for the Tennessee Volunteers for four seasons.

Josh Richardson Girlfriend Amber Sade Rock

Amber Sade Rock is the girlfriend of NBA player Josh Richardson, a shooting guard for the New Orleans Pelicans. Here’s a brief look at her background and relationship with Josh Richardson.

Early Life and Education 

Amber Sade Rock was born on October 3, 1993, and hails from Montclair, New Jersey. She attended Temple University and graduated in 2015. While at Temple University, she was a member of the university’s dance team, which marked the beginning of her dancing career.

Dancing Career

Amber’s dancing career took off when she joined the Temple University dance team. She later became part of the Miami Heat dance team, where she showcased her talent as a dancer. Miami is known for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, making it an excellent place for dancers and models. Amber also ventured into modeling during her time in Miami.

Relationship with Josh Richardson

Amber Sade Rock is in a romantic relationship with NBA player Josh Richardson. Josh, a 6’6″ shooting guard, previously played for the Miami Heat and joined the Philadelphia 76ers and currently on the New Orleans Pelicans. Their relationship became known to the public in April, as reported by Sports Gossip. According to their sources, Josh and Amber had been dating for several years but kept their relationship secret because of the unwritten rule that players and dancers in the NBA are not supposed to date each other.

Amber’s relocation to Philadelphia coincided with Josh Richardson’s move to the 76ers following the trade by the Miami Heat in July 2019. Since then, they have been living together in Philadelphia.

Amber Sade Rock’s journey from her early dance team days at Temple University to her career with the Miami Heat dance team and her relationship with Josh Richardson showcases her connection to the world of sports and entertainment.